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Cancellation and Refund

Greetings, Sir or Madam

We appreciate your decision to work with Digi Schema and are happy to have you join our family!

Digi Schema (hereinafter  “we”/ “our”/ “us”) values the trust that you have placed in us as customers (“Customer(s)”/ “you”/ “your” / “Subscriber(s)”), and we would like to let you know that you have taken advantage of a special limited-time offer whereby the terms for refunds listed below will apply to your purchase[1] of the relevant Limited Offer Product(s).

The applicable Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of the applicable Limited Offer Product(s), which are accessible on the applicable mobile application/website, shall govern your access to and use of the Limited Offer Product(s). You must send a written cancellation request to in order to cancel your subscription and/or return the Limited Offer Product(s).

Refund Terms for the Limited Offer Product(s):

  1. You will be eligible for a complete refund if you decide to cancel or return the Limited Offer Product(s): 
  2. a) within 14 days of the Delivery date, Activation Date, or Orientation Date (see the annexure for the date criterion). The device fee (if applicable) and study material fee included on the invoice will not be refunded.
  1. b) Refund requests cannot be processed after 14 days following the Delivery, Activation, or Orientation dates (see the attached). 

Table A*

Fee Components of each Limited Offer Product(s)Up to 14 Days after the Delivery date/Activation Date/Orientation date ( refer to annexure I)Post 14 days after the Delivery date/Activation Date/Orientation date ( refer to annexure I )

Tools & Software Fees**(if applicable) paid for the device included in the Limited Offer


No RefundNo Refund

Course Fees paid for the service(s) included in the Limited Offer


100% RefundNo Refund

***Sample Illustrations are provided in respective Annexures

  1. In the following circumstances, you will not be eligible for any refunds of any kind for any Limited Offer Product(s) that you purchase:
  2. a) If the cancellation or return request is made more than 14 days following the delivery, activation, or orientation date (see the appendix).
  3. b) In the event that the Limited Offer Product(s)’s Terms of Use are found to have been violated, and your access to or subscription to the Limited Offer Product(s) is canceled. In this case, DIGISCHEMA’S ruling is final and enforceable.
  4. We shall not be required to reimburse you for any portion of the services you have already paid for if we are forced to cease the Limited Offer Product(s) because of a force majeure event (such as acts of God, governmental limitations, or other circumstances outside of our control). Additionally, we disclaim any obligation to supply any new services in place of the previously canceled services.
  5. The Limited Offer Product(s) are not eligible for any other refund policy that may be posted on our website or in any other location. All other DIGISCHEMA product(s) and/or service(s) that are not listed in the annexures are subject to refund policies and conditions of usage that apply to them.
  6. Mode of Refund: Within a reasonable 30-day period after we send you a written confirmation confirming the cancellation, you will receive all applicable refunds via online transfer in Indian Rupees only to the original source account from which the payment was made. The amount of the appropriate refund will never be more than what you paid for your item. If you purchased the Limited Offer Product(s) from us and used credit or financing, your refund will be handled in accordance with your lender or financing partner.
  7. In order to complete the appropriate refund, you will need to supply additional bank account information if the payment instrument or account used to make the initial payment is inactive or does not allow refunds. If you provide erroneous information, we won’t be held accountable or responsible for crediting the refund money to the incorrect account. In order for us to transfer the refund to another bank account, you will need to provide a declaration in the format and style that we may provide.

Write to us at if, after the aforementioned 14 days, you still haven’t received your refund.


  1. In the event that you cancel the service(s) you purchased through the Limited Offer Product(s), the services we are supposed to supply you from the cancellation date until the service(s) are used up or expire will be regarded as services not rendered. As a result, in the event that you return or cancel a product or service, we will provide you with a GST credit note; if the withdrawal and issuance occur later than permitted by applicable legislation, we may not be able to provide you with one. If you request a commercial credit note and the cancellation request is submitted after the deadline, we will honor your request. For the same, you might have to provide a declaration in the style and format that we specify.
  2. We keep the right to amend or update this Policy whenever we see appropriate, without giving you any previous notice.
  3. By signing this contract, you attest that you have read, comprehended, and accept the terms stated here.
  4. In addition, you agree not to contest the conditions of the reimbursement that Digi Schema has issued under this contract or bring any claims that go beyond what is specified in this article.

ANNEXURE I (For programs with Tools & Software offerings)

Illustration :

3 Months Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Delivery date– The date on which the device of the limited period offering is being delivered to the customer

Free Lookup period -14 days after delivery date; the amount is non-refundable.,


Fee componentsUp to 14 Days after Delivery dateAfter 14 days
Tools & Software*: Rs. 7,999No RefundNo Refund

Course Fees: Rs. 25,000 (Online)

Rs. 35,000 (Offline)

Fees which is mentioned in the InvoiceNo refund
Total amount paid by the Customer (Tools & Software + Course Fee): Rs. 17,000 (Online), Rs 27,000 (Offline)
Total RefundsRs. 17,000No refund

Note:  If you are not submitting complete institute fees of the course, You are leaving after 1st, 2nd or 3rd Installment. Digi Schema can remove your recordings, notes, tools and software.

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